How to Properly Lock Your Bike

The air we breathe is becoming more and more polluted and one of the biggest reasons why this is happening is the excessive number of fuel-generated vehicles that people use. So, many experts suggest and encourage us to use bicycles for our daily transportation. This results to the increase of bicycle users in some countries.

However, with the increase in the popularity of bikes, the incidents of their theft have also risen. Thousands of bicycles get stolen annually all around the world. This has become a serious problem for bike owners; they are no longer confident when parking their bikes somewhere as it can be quickly stolen even if they already put locks on them.

Locks are great addition to the security of your bike but it needs to be done properly. In this video, you will learn how to properly secure your bicycle by doing proper locking techniques. Watch it here:


Office Security

Businesses these days must address and prepare for security threats that are larger and more diverse than ever before. There can be numerous technological advancements to the way how we operate and secure our business establishments but here come security threats that are equally innovative and equally effective.

Every business owner should know how to assess his office security system. You can install security cameras to monitor your employees as well as the outsiders who visit your business. Installing these security systems in the offices can help you prevent the acts of wrong doing and danger.

Aside from security cameras, there are also some measures you can do to secure your office. An article posted at Barrie Police Service Website can help you improve your office security. The article defines what office security is and gives some hints on how you can tighten it.

You can read the full article here:

Home Security Tips: How to instal a window lock

Security is always a serious concern for everyone. Homeowners are always interested in ensuring safe conditions for their home. We always want to protect our family and valuable possessions from thieves and vandals. We attempt to install security systems, durable locks and alarm systems in order to protect our home. However, did you know that you also need to secure your windows just like how you secure your doors?

Windows can present an opportunity for burglars and intruders to gain entry into your home. It is true that burglars will not break your window glass because they do not want you to hear its noise so they avoid doing that. However, these criminals are clever and can always find ways to break in without smashing the window glass. Therefore, you need to secure your window with a reliable lock.

For the complete steps on how to install a lock to your window, you can check out the video below:

5 Affordable Ways to Improve Your Home’s Security

In today’s society, no home or business establishment is safe from burglary and theft. So we really need to do our best in securing our home or business, as well as the valuables inside of it. To hire a home security company to protect your home or business can be an excellent move. This can really protect you from intruders and burglars.

However, hiring a home security company can cost you a lot of money. Luckily, there are affordable and downright cheap options you can do to protect your family and assets. You just have to be creative and proactive and you will be able to protect your possessions. One way of starting to strategise your security plans is by thinking like a burglar.

An article posted at 101 Home Security can help you in improving your home security. The article talks about 5 cheap ways of improving your home security.

You can read the full article here:

Instructional Video: Installing a mortise lock

A mortise door lock or mortise lock is a certain type of lock commonly used in homes. They may be not as popular as the standard cylindrical lock set. However, they are slowly making a comeback in upper middle class and upper class homes.

Among the numerous types of lock we have in the market today, mortise lock is considered as one of the toughest in terms of providing security. This type of lock is very difficult to force open as it is fitted to the side of the door.

Mortise door locks can be lever operated or can accommodate a standard cylindrical lock. In addition to the security it gives, mortise locks are also more ornate compared to the other types of lock.

If you want to install a mortise lock into your door, watch the video below:

Auto Theft Facts

Every automobile owner should be concerned about vehicle theft. Every car owner needs to be aware that some thieves can easily steal your car. So, you really need to be careful aware about securing your car whether you are at the park, your home, the office or even on a road trip.

Your car is already part of your life. You work so hard so that you can pay for it; your car plays an important role in making your daily tasks a lot easier. So, there can be no worse feeling when your car gets stolen. Aside from losing your best mode of transportation, you can also loss some valuables items if they’re placed inside your car.

For more tips on how to strongly secure your car from thieves, you should check out an article posted at Crime Doctor. The article clearly explains some facts about auto thefts to help you learn more about this issue.

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