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Taking a Look at a Keyless Doorknob

The days of traditional doorknobs are gone. Today is the time of digital and biometric version of locks. Today, it makes for a quick and easy upgrade to your current mechanical doorknob. Since conventional locks have a keyhole or similar accessible entrances, it becomes impossible for anyone to pick the lock to gain access to what is behind the door. But with digital doorknobs, it is very tough for someone to guess what your password is.

The new digital technology comes with a range of additional functionality. These modern security devices are much more reliable than the conventional ones. They are more secured and more sophisticated. Moreover, they are also more elegant and can a great addition to your home design. Therefore, these modern locks are excellent for both security and design.

Watch the video below to learn more about keyless doorknob:

The Car Door Lock Mechanism

One of the most common problems a car owner experiences is his car door lock. Every car owner may experience sticking keys or the lock is difficult to lock or unlock. These may be simple issues but they can cause delays and can be very daunting especially when you’re trying to catch up for a meeting, your class or work. Car door locks are important for the privacy and security of your vehicle. If you want to keep people out while you’re away, door locks are an essential and relatively complicated piece of your car. There are a lot of types of car door locks these days but almost all of them work similarly. You can watch the video below to learn how do these locks work and protect your car from thieves or to avoid delays:

Biometric Locks

Biometric locks are now becoming more and more popular to home and business owners. They have the potential to change the face of home security as they bring high level of security and numerous advantages. They are usually used by offices, homes, schools or even on gadgets such as cell phones and laptops.

Biometric locks use a specific human characteristic, such as a fingerprint, instead of a key. They work by scanning a certain part of your body to identify its unique structure. If it matches a print which has already been programmed into the lock, access is granted in a matter of seconds. They are more sophisticated and more secured to other types of locks as your body information like fingerprints are completely unique.

To find out more about biometric locks, watch the video below:

Installing a Pre-hung Exterior Door

If you have decided to replace or reinstall your exterior door, there is a couple of information you need to know. Today it is easier than ever before to install a pre-hung exterior door unit. Unlike days before, installing exterior door nowadays does not need more tools and more time.

Door units today can be purchased completely put together. This type of exterior door is what we call as “pre-hung”. More and more people are opting to install this type of exterior door because of its benefits. However, you should go through every detail of the installation to determine whether you had better pay a professional or can do it yourself.

For a complete installation guide of an pre-hung exterior door, watch out the video below:

Securing Your Bicycle

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Most home insurance companies claim that bicycle theft has become the most common cause for domestic home burglary. Yes! Bike theft can not only happen at streets where you park and leave them. Even at home, your bike can also be stolen from you. This usually occurs when you leave your bike outside your garage.

Another major reason why bikes are the more usual target is it has become much tougher to steal cars due to technology such as engine immobilisers, which has led thieves to look for alternative targets.

Probably, the best way to secure your bike is to keep it indoors in a locked shed or garage. However, if you’re outside your house, you can check out the video in this post. The video shows some steps on how to properly secure your house. Watch the video below: